Siro Cinti

The design firm Sintesi was established by the architect Siro Cinti in the early 1990s. Siro Cinti has been an architect and designer active in Rome since the 1980s. He began his professional career serving the municipal administration of Rome, where he coordinated the implementation of urban projects such as Zoning Plans, negotiated land divisions, and productive settlement plans. He was a collaborator in the office established for projects related to the FIFA World Cup and the program for Rome Capital.
The idea that led to the creation of the design studio was to offer comprehensive design solutions to both public and private clients. Studio Sintesi aimed to provide a method for design development and has accomplished this by designing significant projects in the Capital. The firm is inspired by the complex and ambitious concept of “Integrated Design” as a process that starts from territorial planning and extends to the architectural elaboration of construction elements.


We believe that urbanization is the primary driver in defining people’s quality of life. Designing the territory well means shaping the future of the city.


Residential, commercial, office, and civic. Whatever the scope of the design, our buildings are intended to enhance the territorial context.



Laser Scanning Surveys

Sintesi is one of the few design firms in Italy capable of offering services using laser scanning technology, enabling ultra-detailed surveys


Interior design

Urban planning, architectural design, but not just that. Sintesi also specializes in interior design for residential, hospitality, office, and retail spaces.


Due Diligence

Sintesi supports its clients in every phase of the project and provides its expertise in due diligence practices.


Asset Managment

The expertise acquired in our over thirty-year professional history makes Sintesi a reliable partner in Asset Management


Abitare sostenibile: tour in cantiere

Giovedì 12 ottobre alle ore 16, presso Città Verde (Via Margaret Mead angolo via Linda Malnati), venite a visitare il cantiere dei nuovi edifici. Sarà

Roma “città verde”

Esempi d’edilizia virtuosa sono possibili anche su un tessuto urbano problematico come quello della Capitale A Roma un intero quartiere s’avvia a essere certificato per


Over the years, Sintesi Srl has evolved its traditional approach to design, leveraging the assistance provided by the latest environmental energy protocols. Hence, the transition to certification according to Environmental Energy Protocols was a natural progression. It served as a starting point for many further improvements.
Methodologies have been revised to make the most of innovation, both in the design and construction phases.
Design doesn’t just translate into energy and water resource savings. It involves three very important areas: social, economic, and environmental. The sum of these three assets constitutes green design. The most important of the three areas is certainly the social sustainability aspect. Thanks to green design, environments are endowed with better health characteristics compared to those provided by traditional design.

Therefore, Green Building Council certification was a further natural evolution.


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