Sintesi supports its clients in every phase of the project and provides its expertise in due diligence practices.

This includes fundamental analysis to verify the compliance of properties with current regulations in urban planning and construction matters. Through due diligence, for example, it is essential to check the urban planning destination certificate and compliance with urban planning instruments. Precautionary control activities can also assess the possible presence of territorial, environmental, monumental, landscape, or infrastructural constraints, as well as the conformity of past interventions on already built properties. Sintesi’s deep knowledge of local government enables precise and thorough due diligence on the correspondence of the actual state to the deposited plan, as well as the assessment of costs and property value. In this case, the key asset that Sintesi offers its clients is precisely the management of the administrative process. Effective action and understanding of all bureaucratic steps allow for an acceleration in the submission of applications and their rapid approval.

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